Tetra PakCommunication with a global effect

Packages with the packaging design Tetra Pak Artistry. Play video.

Tetra Pak is a world leader in complete solutions for processing, packaging and distributing food products. In close co-operation with their customers and suppliers, they provide safe, innovative and environmentally conscious products used each day by several hundred million people in over 160 countries.

The work we create

AnalysisArt DirectionCopywritingFilmSocial mediaStrategy

Designer working with packages with Tetra Pak Artistry.
Packages with the packaging design Tetra Pak Artistry.

From strategy to campaign

We help Tetra Pak with global launch material, including everything from communication and media strategies to content such as films, sales presentations, articles, infographics, website content and more.

Collage showing packages and a designer working with Tetra Pak Artistry.
Patterns used at Tetra Pak's packages. Play video.

From campaign to analysis

For B2B companies like Tetra Pak, social media is a powerful tool for strengthening customer relationships. Based on consumer insights, we plan, produce and publish posts on social media platforms. We also purchase media and conduct analyses after campaigns are carried out.

Tetra Stelo™ Aseptic – For the forever young

Collage with dashboard and co-workers working at Tetra Pak.

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Malin Scholander, Account Manager. Portrait.
Malin Scholander
Account Manager