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Här hittar du vår integritetspolicy på svenska

On the 25th of May, 2018, the European Union enacted its most stringent data protection laws in twenty years: GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation. These new laws carry stiff penalties for those companies who do not comply with them. KAN is in compliance with these laws and here we outline in detail the extent of our compliance. Some of these might seem generic or self-evident, but we want you to know that KAN takes your privacy seriously, and we are completely transparent about the integrity with which we handle your personal data when you interact with us.

In this data protection statement, we’ll go into detail in describing the way in which we handle your personal data and details in connection with the services that KAN offers.

KAN’s data protection statement includes the following

  • How KAN handles our clients’ personal details
  • What types of personal details and data KAN collects on our clients
  • The purposes for which KAN can use clients’ personal data
  • Clients’ rights pertaining to personal data collection

Please continue reading to find out how we use personal data, how it affects your privacy and how you can safeguard your rights.

Personal data we collect

KAN collects data so that our services run efficiently and to give you the best possible experience. Some of this data we actually get directly from you. For example, when you register for a KAN event, seek out a service or contact us for support.

We get some of this information via keeping track of how you interact with our services, for example using cookies on our site, and receiving usage data from software on your device.

When we process your personal data, we do it either with your direct consent or on an as-needed basis. The data we collect is often motivated by the context of your interactions with KAN, your choices, including your personal privacy settings, and the services and functions you use.

How we use your personal data

We use information that we collect for these basic purposes, which are described more in detail herein:

  • to run our business, and to continually provide, improve and adapt the services we offer.
  • to fulfil our commitments as a client, as a supplier and as an employer.
  • to communicate on all channels, to send out invitations and newsletters

It is for these reasons that we combine the data we collect, to provide you with a smoother, more consistent and personalized experience. We use data to keep in touch with you. For example, we can contact you by [email, phone or on other channels] to answer your questions about our offers and our services. We may send newsletters that you no longer want to receive, and you can easily unsubscribe from any or all of KAN’s communications. If that’s the case, we will delete your personal data.

The notices you see on our sites and in social media channels might pop-up on your feed because of data we’ve received from you. Maybe it was your hobbies, your job title, your business, your search queries or from content you subscribe to that put you in our sights.

These posts can also be shown because of info we’ve gleaned about you with the help of demographic data, GPS data (when possible), search queries, usage data from our website and from our advertisers’ websites. We call these “interest-based advertising” in this policy.

Why we share your personal data

It can be necessary at times for us to share your personal data with our affiliated partners. In these instances, we share information about you with the companies that we are certain are compliant with our data protection policy. These are not permitted to use your personal data for any other purpose. Sometimes it happens that we also use your personal data as a part of a common business transaction, a cooperation or common sale.

To sum it up, we’re going to need to share your personal data or track it when we realize it is necessary in order to:

  • follow the law or legal process and share information with the police or other authorities.
  • protect our clients, for example, to prevent spam or scams or to prevent death or serious injuries.
  • provide security for our services, sometimes preventing or stopping an attack on our system or network.
  • Protect copyright, property or trademarks belonging to KAN, including implementing the terms of use which our services are used.
  • If we learn that someone is using our services to distribute stolen intellectual property or physical property, KAN will hand over the matter to the proper authorities.

Please note that some of our sites link out to products and services from third parties whose data integrity policy may differ from KAN’s. If you share your personal data with these products, your data will be managed with their respective privacy policy.

How do you access and take charge of your personal data?

You can quite simply remove yourself from our newsletter by clicking a link in our mail. You can even update and change your personal data, such as your email address, your job title and your business. If you want to be taken off our lists or remove your data, please email us and we’ll be in touch within 30 days.

Cookies and similar programs

KAN uses cookies to improve our services and user experience on our website, and to perform important business operations, as well as to provide statistics about the use of our website or services.

When you visit a website, a small text file containing text information is stored on the visitor’s computer. This is what we call a cookie. In accordance with the Electronic Communications Act, which was enacted on July 1, 2011, anybody visiting websites has to be informed of which cookies are used, and the user consents to their usage.

You can decide yourself if you accept cookies or not. This preference can also be set in your browser.

Cookies used for marketing and analytics purposes

Your individual rights

KAN is in compliance with current data protection laws in the European Union, which if applicable include the following rights:

  • If processing of your personal data is based on your explicit consent, you are entitled to withdraw your consent for future use of your personal data at any time.
  • You are entitled to request a registry extraction (as defined by the law) and access a copy of your personal data, and also request rectification, and in some circumstances, a deletion of your personal data.
  • You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data.
  • You have the right to file complaints with a data protection authority.

When we process your personal data, we do so with your consent and/or on an ”as-needed” basis in order to conduct our business, comply with our contractual and legal obligations, protect our systems, improve the content and quality of our website or otherwise fulfill other legitimate interests as described in the sections “How we use your personal data” and “Why we share your personal data” above.

Personal data security

KAN actively works towards to safe and secure management of your personal data. To secure your information, we’ve got centrally-administered security measures. For example, we’ve got encrypted, privileged and generally locked-down portals for our company servers and services. KAN also carry out annual internal audits when we test IT and information security measures, and we verify our compliance with processes, routines and guidelines.

Our preservation of personal data

KAN keep personal information as long as necessary to provide our products and services. Because these needs may vary for different types of data and for different types of products, services and contexts, actual retention periods may vary.

Criteria for how long we use your personal data are, for example:

How long is the personal data necessary in order to provide products and services?

This includes the maintenance and continual improvement of our products and services, securing our systems and conducting necessary business transactions and accounting information. This is the general rule which is the basis for our how long a period we preserve and use your personal data.

Is the personal information of an extra sensitive nature?

In these cases, generally, the information is kept for a shorter period. In cases like this, we usually use a shorter period of data usage.

Does KAN have a specific length of time for usage of specific types of data?

Your contact information is stored in our cloud-based marketing automation system. You are always free to unsubscribe from our communications by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the body of the email.Sensitive information is locked with limited user access on our central production server. These files are continuously deleted after the conclusion of our collaboration with the client, regardless of whether the client is active or not.

Has the user approved the use of their data for a longer period?

In this case, we’ll process the information in accordance with your express permission.

Does KAN have legal, contractual or other permission to store personal data information?

Examples can be mandatory legislation on retention of information in certain jurisdictions, government mandates to preserve data relevant to investigations, or data that must be retained in order to resolve a legal dispute.

Changes in this personal data policy

We continually update our personal data policy to mirror changes in our services. In the event of bigger changes in the policy or in terms of how KAN uses your personal data, we’ll notify you either via online announcement or by email before the changes take effect.

Have any questions regarding your personal data, a complaint or want to know more about our data protection policy?

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