The importance of accurate copyHow to deliver effective text

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Are the texts on your website attracting readers or is there room for improvement? The web is flooded with messaging each day, meaning yours can easily get lost. Set your communication on fire with copy that stands out from the crowd.

Each day we’re faced with anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 messages, including ads, tips, challenges, prompts, offers and information. And they are everywhere: in social media, newspapers, broadcast media and public spaces. Simply put, it’s impossible for our brains to take it all in. Studies show that the brain can only manage around 3,000 messages per day, which means a lot of communication gets lost.*

To break through the noise and convince your customers to choose your product or service, ensure that your message is properly packaged. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. The fact is that communication and copywriting are things that many companies choose to do for themselves. They create newsletters, emails and website copy to the best of their ability –sometimes with very good results. Unfortunately, copy that isn’t written by professional copywriters often suffers – and with good reason.

Get the most out of your copy

Success in delivering accurate texts requires some important elements and this is where we recommend help. A successful website is built on a lot of hard work, and it would be a shame to stumble at the finish line by skimping on the final phase: reaching out, connecting and getting your visitors to stay on your site. Copy is usually the first thing to greet potential customers when they are visiting your site for the first time. Be sure to manage that meeting well.

To reach your mark and get the most out of your texts requires both a clear content strategy and an in-depth knowledge of your target audience. Add search-engine-optimised copy and you’ve got a website with major potential.

*Source: Yankelovich study 2014

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Fredrik Colling, Regional Manager Sthlm
Fredrik Colling
Regional Manager