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A family that is growing plants in a heated home Play video.

NIBE works to provide the world with new ways of living more sustainably. The company, hailing from Markaryd in Sweden, has a long tradition of combining their innovative spirit with grit to always outdo themselves in creating world-class sustainable energy solutions.

The work we create

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A family is having dinner in a heated home
A boy in front of a heat pump

Upgrade your homeliness with the S-series

To promote the S-series, a line of high-quality heat pumps, we helped NIBE create a campaign concept that summarizes everything that makes their products top of the line: comfortable indoor climate, a wifi-connected interface, smart accessories, and superb build quality. The campaign, dubbed Uppgradera hemkänslan (Upgrade your homeliness), included live-action films produced by ourselves along with a broad range of assets for social media, instream, YouTube, radio, and print and display ads.

A man that is updating the settings of a NIBE heat pump
A family on a picknick in the forest Play video.

Defining NIBE’s way forward

We helped NIBE devise a new communications strategy and brand platform to ensure they reach the right audiences with the right messages. In addition, we also developed a European version so that every branch in Europe has a solid strategy to lean on for local marketing, while harmonizing with the NIBE brand and marketing internationally.

NIBEs new graphic profile

A brand-new look

Since the fall of 2021, NIBE has had a new, sleek look. We helped craft their new visual identity with a new colour palette, a new typeface, new iconography, design elements and image guidelines. All of this has been implemented into NIBE’s new visual guideline document.

Visualizing the tech

To present NIBE’s products and their features in detail, we help create 3D product videos that show what’s going on under the hood. This film was produced in connection with the product launch of S2125.


Anna Aronica Lindgren, Project Manager at KAN. Portrait.
Anna Aronica Lindgren
Project Manager