INRBathroom furnishings and showers for Scandinavian bathrooms

INR stands for Swedish-made shower solutions and bathroom furnishings in Scandinavian design. With high-quality materials and a sustainability mindset for both the longevity of the products and the environment, they offer their customers tailored bathroom solutions they can enjoy for a long time. 

The work we create

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It takes a village

INR came to KAN with a desire to create a brand film with several goals. It would appeal to end customers and suppliers by showcasing INR’s products, Scandinavian design, and solid craftsmanship. At the same time, the film would capture the feeling of pride and belonging among INR employees. 

From idea to finished product 

The story follows the people at INR in their daily work to create the perfect bathrooms, from the concept and design phase to rigorous testing and final finishing on the factory floor. INR stands for quality and conscious choices throughout the chain, something they wanted to shine through both visually and in the script. 

A film with multiple purposes 

Most of the production took place in close collaboration with INR at their headquarters in Malmö. The result was a film that works on multiple levels – from inspiring by showcasing the products and the solid work behind them in an appealing way, to strengthening the team spirit for everyone working at INR. 

Still images 

Since we shot the film in very high resolution, we were also able to extract still images from the footage. This way, INR has access to even more content to use in their digital channels. 

Bathroom with light pink cabinets and marble details.

The collaboration started as early as 2018

Already in 2018, when the two brands INR & Aspen merged and became the new INR, a collaboration between them and KAN began. INR needed to find its new visual expression in a digital environment and approached us for assistance. We helped them with this and also developed their new website.

A chair against the wall.
Woman with a robe in silk holding a brush in her hand.

A site with freedom of expression

One of INR’s target groups is sensitive to trends and seeks visual inspiration as an important step in their buying journey. To meet this need, a website with great freedom of expression was required for the editors, which entailed interesting technical and UX-related challenges.


Support the target group

One insight from our research was that this target group has a long decision-making process when changing bathrooms. They compare with competitors and often work in parallel with several different interior design options and combinations. To support this process, we created the opportunity for the visitor to create personal moodboards with the help of all the site’s images.

A work tool

The site also became an important working tool for the retailers, who needed a clear and attractive way to present INR’s range to potential customers. We designed the site to achieve this in the best possible way and at the same time take certain preparatory steps for an introduction of e-commerce (where we used EPiCommerce).

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Jenny Dernelius, Account Manager
Jenny Dernelius
Account Manager