HövdingThe world’s safest helmet isn’t a helmet

Person falling off a bike with a Hövding helmet, staged with a yellow background.

Hövding’s cycling helmet is actually a collar that becomes an airbag, which instantly surrounds your head during a fall. It’s a truly revolutionary product with a steadily growing market share.

The work we create

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Woman wearing an inflating Hövding helmet. Play video.

Focusing on functionality

KAN’s film team employed slow-motion techniques and created a pair of videos focusing on the product’s unique functionality. The videos appeared on displays in train stations in large urban centres and on social media.

Since this, our work with Hövding has further evolved. Today we are digital and technical partners. KAN helps with, for instance, system integration between Hövding’s website and CRM system, as well as setting up Analytics.

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Niclas Ek, Account Manager & Sales. Portrait.
Niclas Ek
Account Manager