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The story of Boliden began in 1924 a few miles outside of Skellefteå. Today it is a publicly traded company and Europe’s richest goldmine. Boliden is a high-tech metals company and one of Sweden’s most recognised brands. With its own mines and smelter, it guarantees society’s access to base and precious metals through mining, production and shipping. Boliden is working towards sustainable development and is an industry leader within development, productivity and responsibility.


The work we create

Tech developmentWebsite

Ipad showing Boliden's new website
A smartphone showing Boliden's new website

Boliden’s new suit

For a large company so rich in knowledge and history – and with many target groups – it is important to package and present information in the right way. Smart, clear and above all, logical. Previously Boliden’s visitors had expressed that it was difficult to find their website. To know how to best guide them, we began the project with a pilot study, which eventually resulted in the concept for Ny Boliden, or “New Boliden”.

Boliden's new website design shown on different devices

Structured and navigable

With the current situation clearly mapped, we understood what was missing, what needed strengthening and what should be clarified.

With the help of wireframes and layout, the new design emerged. A complete redesign transformed Boliden’s somewhat cluttered website into something clean, accessible and easily navigated.

A bold step in the right direction

Compared to the old site, the design of Nya Boliden goes all out.

Boasting an enhanced graphic profile, information-heavy sections have been lightened with authentic images from impressive-looking places.

In addition to design, our task included some front-end development and an exciting collaboration with content agency Chiffer and Episerver agency Devcore.


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Fredrik Colling, Regional Manager Sthlm
Fredrik Colling
Regional Manager Sthlm