Unexpected effects of biking

Woman relaxing in couch.

Most of us are aware of the positive effects of biking. But only few of us bike to work. How come? Maybe because there are so many practical and emotional obstacles that seem to weigh heavier than the positive effects. Getting sweaty. Helmet hair. Horizontal rain. Kids. Pure laziness. You name it.

That’s why we decided to focus on unexpected positive effects in our campaign to encourage people to use the national and regional bike lanes that are currently being built between towns and villages around Skåne.

How about the happy high you feel (as hormones rush through your body)? The ginormous ice cream you can buy (with savings from not buying gas)? The lazy you-time you gain (not having to drive to the gym)? Or maybe the never before experienced patience you all of a sudden have with your kids (hormones, again)?

In addition to very local social media campaigns, households close to the new bike lanes get brochures in the mail offering practical solutions to excuses not to bike. There will also be posters outdoor and – in some cases – events to celebrate. Because biking is worth celebrating. Don’t you think?

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Malin Scholander, Account Manager. Portrait.
Malin Scholander
Account Manager