Tetra Pak® Artistry & Svenska Designpriset

Designer making packaging design for Tetra Pak Artistry.

We are very proud that our film for Tetra Pak® Artistry got nominated in the Swedish Design Awards!

The film introduces Tetra Pak’s solution to help products stand out on cluttered store shelves: Tetra Pak® Artistry, a portfolio of packaging effects that lets brands enhance their own unique expression.

A jury chose the nominees from a wide collection of contributions.

“Your brand. Your expression. Tetra Pak® Artistry – freedom to stand out.”

I am very happy with the campaign. It’s been very well received both internally and externally. The film shows the vivid and energetic possibilities that are now available to package designers.”

Miia Lampinen

Marketing Communications Manager, Tetra Pak

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Emma Bergkvist, Account Manager. Portrait.
Emma Bergkvist
Account Manager