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Under the Rent a Friend concept, we at KAN offer consultants in digital communication. The term has its roots in what we call Working With Friends, which means that we like to see our clients as friends – the kind you enjoy working with, and with whom there is always room for having fun. One such example is when E.ON found themselves in need of assistance, and a trio of our content managers stepped in to help.

Triple the support at a peak time

Last year, E.ON faced the challenge of migrating a large number of content pages on and to a new version of their AEM CMS system. With the deadline fast approaching and a need for additional staffing, they turned to us. Three colleagues from our content team packed their computers and favourite coffee mugs, and moved into the E.ON office.

Johanna Holmberg has vast experience working with different CMS systems, and over the last couple of years, she has specialised in AEM. Along with fellow co-workers Mikael Rådh and Hanna Virdhall, she was chosen to help E.ON meet their project deadline on time.

E.ON’s sites consist of hundreds of pages, and to migrate that many from one AEM version to another is extremely time-consuming, to say the least. And much of that content had to be adapted to a new type of webpart, one that didn’t exist in the current version, so many pages had to be built from scratch. “Because of this, we weren’t just operative – together with the E.ON team, we got the opportunity to set up a strategy for how we should structure the page creation work,” says Johanna. 

Staffing needs made flexible 

The whole ethos of Rent a Friend is that it should meet your specific needs. That’s why we start by creating a requirement profile together with you before matching it with our specialists. After that, we agree on a setup: Do you need a consultant full-time, or only as and when required? Working remotely, or side by side with you and your team at your office? You decide!

 Johanna, Mikael, and Hanna were part of the E.ON team for ten weeks.

“We worked full-time,” says Johanna. “Initially, the deal was that we were supposed to come to the E.ON office at least three days per week, yet we had such a good time we ended up working on-site almost every day. We had daily meetings with the team, and being in the office made the work easier for us. Besides, it was super nice to be there – on Micke’s birthday, the E.ON team even set up a lovely celebration with freshly baked cinnamon buns. How nice is that!”

Well, that’s Working With Friends, right there!  

External perspective adds value to business

Aside from the fact that a consultant can come in and lend support during periods of heavy workloads or when specific expertise is needed, there are further benefits to gain. A fresh perspective on your business, processes, and way of working can be identified and enhanced – something that might be difficult to see from inside the organisation.

“There are many upsides with this setup, for sure,” adds Johanna. “As a consultant agency, we get to work with a wide variety of clients from different industries. What you see and learn in one project can often help solve a problem in another, even though the core business might differ entirely.”  

5 reasons to rent a KAN consultant

  • You get to choose from more than 130 specialists in 10 fields.
  • You can secure resources, short-term or long-term.
  • You can use your consultant full-time or as and when required.
  • You get assistance from specialists with an external perspective.
  • You don’t need to hire to cover temporary staffing requirements.


All three did an excellent job. In addition to them contributing with energy and engagement throughout the project, we made great use of their AEM knowledge which they both used and shared with the rest of the team. It was valuable for us.


Helena Ohlsson, Project Manager at E.ON

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