Digital Trends 2020

Hand-drawn infographic about Trends 2020.

Entering 2020 we’re leaving a decade with massive changes; political, social, environmental and not least, technological. No wonder we see the rise of new trends and movements.

If we trace the path of these movements, we will see evidence of the Law of the Pendulum – movement in one direction, causes a movement in the opposite direction. When the movements take us too far, when we’re taken out of our comfort zone, we react. We seek balance. So, we believe that 2020 will be defined by the pursuit of forward-looking equilibrium.

Looking at 2020, we see four areas that stand out. Areas where movement has caused us to react, giving birth to new trends. These are: The Fluid Reality, A Pivoting Privacy, Evolving Interaction and lastly, a Shifting Capitalism. All trends bring their own game changers.

The Fluid Reality

The Fluid Reality leads us to question the importance of real. Generated and mixed realities are blurring the boundaries of “truth” and challenging how we value it. We believe that in the coming decade, interacting with synthetic entities will be just as normal as interacting with humans. And coinciding with this we see continuous advancement of AI technology and machine learning further pushing the boundaries between real and fake. It makes us wonder – is seeing still believing?

Pivoting Privacy

In Pivoting Privacy, we see how privacy defines the trustworthiness of a brand. Having previously been willing to openly share data about ourselves, we are becoming more conscious about protecting our digital footprint. And in an effort to regain trust, businesses are making privacy a focal point. The war on 3rd party cookies will force marketers to find new ways to meet consumers – personalized, but still on the consumers’ own terms.

Evolving Interaction

With Evolving Interaction, we break free from the smartphone and its screen being the digital device. Today, we interact with technology primarily via two senses – sight and sound. But we foresee the embracing of more natural forms of interaction. Letting us live our lives, simplified by technology, but in a non-intrusive way. By stimulating the senses: sight, sound, touch and beyond, we can take brand experiences to a new level.

Shifting Capitalism

In Shifting Capitalism, we are seeing the dawn of a new type of capitalism. In the past years we have seen the effects of climate change and social upheaval, leading consumers and businesses to question the cost of growth. Voices are heard asking for a more fair, equal and sustainable capitalism that actually works for everyone. In the future, stakeholders will trump shareholders, opening up for a new way of doing business.


For companies with the courage to recognize these trends, there are many opportunities ahead. We’ll just have to keep track of the pendulum, making sure that we are in balance.

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Ann Gacek, Account Manager. Portrait.
Ann Gacek
Account Manager