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Let’s create success together. We work closely with our clients, getting to know them while sharing the same goal: effective digital business. At KAN we build lasting relationships by giving our very best. This both achieves better results and creates a culture people want to be a part of.

Full service

As partners, we guide clients through their digital evolution, helping them create valuable and inspirational customer experiences.

That’s why we provide expertise in areas ranging from digital strategies and innovation to service design, technology development and multichannel marketing.

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Teams & Competencies

We are 150 colleagues who love to come up with smart digital solutions that help our clients evolve. Each of our ten teams is expertly equipped to deliver the services we offer.


Working with Friends

Since the start, our passion has been to help our clients succeed. Early in our history, the idea of Working with Friends was born. This means we treat our clients as friends and partners with whom we share a common goal. We therefore seek out long and sincere business relationships that are mutually beneficial.

We also believe in the simple truth that we will achieve better results if we enjoy spending time together, both internally at the agency and with our clients.

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Our history

KAN was founded in 2005 by a group of friends and colleagues who understood that websites and other digital channels would play an increasingly important role within the realm of marketing communication. They saw that established agencies lacked the ability to address this. KAN took up the challenge.

KAN was quick, client-focused and production-oriented with a good sense for business; delivering the digital communication that clients needed to succeed. They chose the name KAN – Kommunikation, Användbarhet och Nytta (Communication, Usefulness and Benefit).

Since KAN focused on client potential, the agency grew as clients evolved. Through the years, we added competencies according to need: copywriters, content managers, art directors, UX designers, film production and more. Today we offer a wide range of services to help our clients realise their maximum potential.

Another important aspect of KAN is the genuine, warm sense of camaraderie built upon strong relationships, both internally and with clients.

This recipe has helped KAN grow and profit. Over the years, we’ve also purchased another agency (Good Old), partnered with Egmont as co-owner and started Okto, a new agency within digital service design.

Today KAN is one of Swedens largest and highest ranked digital agencies with just over 100 employees, offices in Malmö and Stockholm and an annual revenue of circa 100m SEK.

How we

If your project was easy, you wouldn’t need us. Fortunately, we like a challenge. We’ll meet it head-on with a positive attitude and a strategy for maximising your potential.