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Malmö City has close to 26,000 employees who, in different capacities, meet the city’s inhabitants each day. They have a duty to be available to all of Malmö’s residents, and provide them with high-quality service.

The work we create

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Gif showing the digital service Digiteket.

Digiteket: A library’s guide through the digital jungle

Malmö City approached KAN with the assignment of increasing the digital competence of the municipality’s librarians. We created Digiteket, a web platform for digital education through gamification, where librarians over the entire country can co-operate. Digiteket is scalable, with a simple editing interface for publishing content and follows all guidelines for accessibility.

Collage with prints and a cloth bag made for Digiteket.

Live launch

Digiteket set sail in a live stream on YouTube hosted by author Johanna Koljonen, inviting several guests, notably Anders Ygeman, who is both Sweden’s Minister of Energy and Digitalisation. The platform was premiered, allowing librarians to register themselves. By the end of the event, over 350 librarians had created accounts and begun to familiarise themselves with Digiteket.

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Niclas Ek, Account Manager & Sales. Portrait.
Niclas Ek
Account Manager & Sales