Lokal 17Southern Sweden’s temple to food

Collage with the Lokal 17 logo and different dishes, desaturated colors.

In the spring of 2018, two chefs, Pembert and Gustafsson, teamed up to start Lokal 17, a water-side restaurant where central Malmö meets the Western Harbour.

The name comes from a Swedish expression similar to the British custom of referring to your favourite pub as your “local”. The chefs wanted to recreate that cosy feeling of eating and drinking with friends in a familiar setting – for lunch, after-work drinks or a pleasant dinner in a welcoming atmosphere. The food is Nordic, but draws on influences from around the globe.

The work we create

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The Lokal 17 logo with background image with dishes with desaturated colors.

Southern Sweden’s temple to food

With all this in mind, we created the restaurant’s graphic profile and website. Both are designed to harmonise with the owners’ current site and profile for their established restaurant and event-catering establishment, Pembert & Gustafsson.

Business cards with the Lokal 17 logo, placed in a square pattern.
Cloth bag with the Lokal 17 logo.


With the springboard of starting a restaurant based on world-class, delicious, homestyle food, Lokal 17 also wishes to function as a cosy space for both old and young. Likewise, with simple, stripped-down colour and form, we wanted to recreate this vision in everything from clothing and cloth bags to the actual website.

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Anders Fredin, Project Manager & Teamlead. Portrait.
Anders Fredin
Project Manager