Hvilan UtbildningSweden’s greenest school

The Hvilan Utbildning logo with a background of green leaves.

For 150 years, Hvilan Utbildning has been a distinguished educational institution specialising in horticulture and other related fields. Besides secondary education programs, Hvilan offers various professional qualifications, courses and programs for adult students.

The work we create

Art DirectionDigital strategyStrategy

Gif with different prints made for Hvilan Utbildning.

Brand strategy

In order to continue to grow in an area with an increasing focus on sustainability, Hvilan wanted to modernise their brand. KAN came up with a long-term, sustainable and strategic brand platform. This involved maintaining Hvilan’s innate green character while employing solid research, interviews, market- and competitor analyses, as well as holding workshops.

Graphic pattern with a close-up of a leaf made for Hvilan Utbildning.

New green profile

Based on the new brand platform, we were able to create a new graphic profile. The result is a timeless design, mirroring Hvilan’s tradition as well as their modern, forward-thinking attitude. Work on the profile consisted of logotype, colour scales, graphic patterns and a new typeface. Hvilan’s new strategic alignment and updated design were launched in connection with the school’s 150-year jubilee.



Collage with a cloth bag and a sign made for Hvilan Utbildning.

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Niclas Ek, Account Manager & Sales. Portrait.
Niclas Ek
Account Manager & Sales